Fukushima! Do we remember?

Two years ago we had the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which is still an ongoing crisis. Twenty-five years earlier on the 26th of April 1986 wile I was still in University studying chemistry and ironically if you will at the time nuclear chemistry and micro biological manipulations when we had the nuclear accident at the Tschernobyl nuclear power plant. 
We ran into trouble with energy productions several times over the past century with several nuclear accidents, mass pollution of our atmosphere, water, soils and foods affecting all parts of the life cycles of all living organisms on this planet which we call home and that planet with all its bio dyversity is the very source of our own lives.
The main mistake we made over the past century or so was to look for a magic bullet to solve all our power needs. We looked at fossil fuels from crude oil to uranium and all came with many side effects and troubles, yet not solving our problems. We dismissed solar and other sources because they by them self would not give us enough power at all times. We failed to look at power the way the universe it self is working. Or the way things work on our planetary scale. Power keeps getting converted to generate more or rather other forms of powers. We need to work with a multitude of sources and combine those indefinitely. This would solve our troubles and give us exactly what we need, without the side effects of nuclear disasters or toxic pollution such as green house gases or dioxins.
On March the 11th 2013 we will commemorate the second anniversary of that Earthquake and tsunami which lead to the Fukushima nuclear accident that will hunt us for many more decades and maybe even centuries to come. 
We keep electing governments and people into power that are incompetent and self serving short sighted narrow minded, manipulative control freaks that would be better placed in a mental hospital than in politics. 
Than again as Joseph de Maistre said once, "The people have the government they deserve."
So little may change unless another disaster was to happen with in a short interval of the last one. Meaning less than a decade away from the Fukushima disaster. Just long enough to cash your breath but not long enough for people to forget completely. 
Will we ever learn? I am no longer certain if we ever will or even could learn since our intelligence seems to be regressing since Socrates his time where it may have been at its peek.
Certainly we came up with computers and smart phones and we went to the moon and so on... since Socrates and Kant, but those where merely pieces of a puzzle that gave us a new perspective and another image. It was not a real mental or intellectual break through nor any real progress. 
No, on the evolutionary scale we may very well be at the end and will have to face our own extinction pretty soon. 
Mind you, we are doing a pretty good job at creating or building our own apocalyptic nightmare. We won't need any god or gods nor any other outside help to exterminate all life on this planet and way be on it. 
We are more than capable and willing to do it all by our selfs and the worst part is that we not only know it, but we willingly stand by and let it happen. 
The trouble is every where and we better start learning and smarten up and this rather well and fast. 
Get ready to remember all the over twenty-four thousand victims  and the ongoing nuclear troubles in spite of which new nuclear power stations are supposed to be build in earthquake predestined  Japan. 
Will we ever wake up and learn to be rational, intelligent, logical and mature creatures or will we remain savage, primitive hyper shortsighted, narrow minded monkeys? 
I once was hopeful for our human specie, but over the course of the past few decades started to have some serious doubts about our specie and its future.    

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  1. Since the earthquake from 2011, witch was followed by a great tsunami as well as a Nuclear disaster here in Japan. Things went from bad to worse within month.
    I have been off the wire and stopped writing, at least on the Web. Because I simply no longer had web access.
    Things are changing and the pen can be mightier than the sword.
    If used wisely and with respect.