"Disaster happens when people forget previous disasters."

 "Disaster happens when people forget previous disasters."

When we fail to learn the lessons we where thought by our fathers and their fathers history and wisdom is when we run the risk to not only repeat their mistakes, but, more over, make and let those become worth due to our ignorance, arrogance, cowardliness and our greed.
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, countless underground explosions leaving massive radiation for generations, the Three Mile Island accident and then the devastating Tschernobyl accident where not enough for us, now we have yet another disaster on our hands to deal with, bearing the name of the "Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant".
Do we have enough yet, maybe for a decade or so, then we will forget again and the young will ignore their fathers warnings once more, until no one will be left to war any one and by then it will be to late to learn or listen for they wont be any one left to warn us nor will they be any one left to be warned either.
This wisdom form an old Japanese poem was meant as a reminder to listen to the elders warnings about Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanos. However, it is also applicable to all other segments of human life such as our nuclear and fossil fuel obsessions leading us strait into self destruction.
Maybe, just maybe, we will finally learn to listen and seek wisdom rather than gold.

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  1. I think not. The quote is old and like much old wisdom tends to be correct. Disaster will happen again as ever. All that can be hoped for is a longer period between disasters.